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Sunday, 14 October 2012


This was shared with this girl from a  tumblr site and well it expresses so well how this girl feels and thought it may resonate with a few of you...smiles

I am free

Sir asked me to sit on the floor here.
I don’t know why, I don’t know for how long.
In the past I might have asked.
Or I might have been curious.
But not anymore…

Sir has erected unseen boundaries around me.
It’s incredibly safe and secure in there.
There’s plenty of space, it’s not constraining at all.
The day I experienced the first taste of pure freedom,
Was when I submitted fully and finally gave him everything.
And I mean… everything.

Then he knew the darkest parts of me.
 I had nothing left, nothing hidden.

I was empty, a shell.
But it also meant I now had nothing to lose…
And Sir did an amazing thing.
A simple thing.
But it made all the difference:
He accepted me.

His love didn’t diminish one iota.
He accepted me. Dark parts, ugly parts, flaws, and all.
That was the day my eyes opened.
That was the day I finally understood the true freedom of submission.
It rang like a bell.
Then I was no longer empty, no longer a shell.
I began to fill up.
Fill up with him.

I am his possession, I have no problem saying it.
But it’s more than that: He possesses me.
See the distinction?
Don’t think I’m an automaton, though.
I have my own interests.
I go out with my friends.
I have a life.
But I always return to his domain.

And when I do, I give up everything.
It’s easy now.
Like coming in from the cold, slipping off your coat,
And entering a warm comfortable room.
The freedom, oh the freedom!
It’s almost a physical feeling that comes over me.
Not holding on to anything.
Letting everything drop, letting everything go.
I am filled with him. Only him. Everything him.

Inside his walls, his world, his domain, I am free.
I can be the way I truly want to be.
People don’t seem to understand this, but:
I don’t serve him, I give to him.
Not because he makes me, but because I want to.
He uses me in any way he pleases,
Because I gave myself to him.

Sir asked me to sit on the floor here.
I don’t know why, I don’t know for how long.
In the past I might have asked.
Or I might have been curious.
But not anymore…

Now I wait for him. Simply wait and nothing else.
And it fills me with indescribable joy to do so.
Because I am in his world.
Because I am free.


  1. Replies
    1. yes it is littleone, think it beautiful.

      blossom x

  2. I completely agree and it is how i am beginning to feel when with my Sir.

    1. Hi Joolz am so glad you are starting to reach that with your Sir and that this little poem says that to you

      blossom x

  3. What a perfect description of the joys of submission and how fulfilling the relationship between a Dom and sub can be. Tnanks for sharing.


    1. it is quite beautiful FD smiles...Your welcome

      blossom x

  4. This is one of the most beautiful things I have ever read. The power and happiness in her words have tears flowing down my cheeks. Can we subs ever truly express these feelings in a way that our Doms can understand? If not, then this comes awfully close.

    Thank you for posting this. I am a few months late reading it, as I just found your blog today....but it came at at a time when I really needed it.

    1. smiles...welcome to my blog cass and thank you for commenting. there are so many emotions that us subs will go through it is hard at times to express how we feel but i agree with you this comes pretty close. i am glad you found comfort in the poem when you needed it.

      blossom x