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Sunday, 30 September 2012

Home Boo Hoo

Hi All

How are you all keeping, im back home again and boy trying to get my body clock back into sync is bloody difficult, up at all wierd and wonderful hours but i am making good use of that time this time around as there was a load of washing and housework waiting for me on my return!!! how nice, arent kids so good to their parents leaving them something to do incase they missed doing any housework...ggggrrrrr, maybe some day that will all change...lol

suffice to say i had a brilliant holiday in more ways than one....yyaaayyy, had a lovely time with that certain someone which was amazing...smiles

now back to work oh am sooooo looking forward to that...NOT..boo hoo, oh how i wish i could stay on permanent holiday.


  1. I can identify with the washing and housework waiting for you -- isn't it nice to be missed, lol. So .... are we going to get to hear about the lovely time with that "certain someone"? :-)

    love, squirrel

  2. hi squirrel, i may say a few things...lol...but honestly have been having problems sleeping due to jet lag!!! really bad trying to get back into my routine...but will write something soon...smiles