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Thursday, 24 November 2011


Well i have to given an apology as i am late in acknowledging a couple of my friends who nominated me for a VBA. So a big thank you to sbf and hs (sorry girlies i dont know how to link to your blogs)for nominating me and for the lovely things you said about me and my blog. i wouldnt know where to begin to nominate other blogs as there are so many who have touched me and i can reasonate with some of the things they say or have happened to them in their lives. it is lovely to have friends that one can turn to and you know that they will all gather like one big family to cheer you up, support you when the need arises.

So i am sorry for not picking particular blogs as i would find that a very difficult thing to do.

So 7 things about me:

i wear my heart on my sleeve

i hardly ever take my own advice but love dishing it out

i love to walk in a forrest while its raining and getting soaked to the skin

i dont like spiders nor mice nor rats nor oh any type of rodent...lol

i absolutely love and adore George Michael, his music is so personal

my favourite tipple is vodka and coke

i love chocolate from Southern Ireland

So again thank you girlies for nominating me and congrats to all those who were also nominated.


  1. It is lovely finding out more about you. Blossom

    Have a nice weekend and CONGRATS on your VBA. I really enjoy your blog :)

    Take care. Sky

  2. Thank you sky, its lovely knowing people enjoy reading my blog.

    blossom x