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Wednesday, 1 January 2020

2 Anniversaries

this girl is celebrating two anniversaries....one is Master and this girls anniversary  when He and she made O/our vows to each O/other as Master and slave and now W/we are moving into the new year...gosh who would have thought it...smiles.... W/we are looking forward to the year ahead and hopefully plans are afoot to see each O/other real time later in the year.. one cannot wait for this, its been too long since W/we have been with each O/other real time.

Proudly wearing  His Anniversary mark...feels so good doing so.

The second anniversary is that this girl is celebrating her 2nd year orgasm denial and is looking forward as she moves into her 3rd year, and yes one is very happy to do so....cant explain but it is just delicious and amazing....a few little frustrations along the way but really it is a few.... doing this for Master's pleasure has been fabulous, its her way of showing her complete devotion to Him with the distance between U/us.