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Thursday, 28 November 2013


Happy thanksgiving to all my friends, readers and lurkers who live across the pond...

Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Centred and content.....

Master and this girl got to spend some precious time T/together training...this is just a little excerpt of what took place...

Master had this girl swat her inner thighs with the wire whip as this seems to be the best place for His body to be marked...this girl lost count of how many swats she took to the inner thighs, but they were delicious and Master's slut is now carrying some nice dark bruises on both inner thighs, they are very sensitive too, this girl can feel the tenderness in them when walking around, the material rubbing up against them...also they are sore to touch, which is a lovely reminder of who owns this girls body.

Master also tortured His tits, these too are very sensitive and sore...but this girl hasnt caressed them as she normally loves to especially after training...smiles...restriction is in place so those and Master's pussy are a no no...wwwaaayyyy out of bounds to this girl....putting the cords on Master's tits and the wearing of them was quite intense but this girl breathed through it, she is learning to do that, to focus on the pain, to embrace the pain...Master had this girl smack them with the wooden spoon and also to flog them and He also stepped up the pain by having her concentrate on the nipples, wearing of pegs on the nipples too...first time for this girl to actually wear a peg on the nipple...this girl did whimper doing this and also tears flowed when she was asked to flog off the  pegs on His tits...she dreads that as when she flogs the pegs they hold on for grim death and nip like hell when this girl cant get them off in the first strike...again this girl was breathing through this pain and although she wanted to cry she held on to them and didnt let them flow at the beginning, she wanted Master to see she how much she can take, felt the tears were a sign of weakness but they arent as Master said and Master does love to see His slave's tears...she wont hold them back anymore...smiles

she also got to flog Master's pussy, which was absolutely delicious, feeling the rubber strands sting Master's pussy lips...it felt good sitting on the chair feeling the anal plug in His tight hole while she swatted His pussy...it felt dirty but delicious...this girl did try to fuck Master's ass with her dildo but she couldnt and got quite frustrated at that point...tears flowed then...sighs

this girl did fly a little and she loves nothing more than spending time with Master as she comes down...He is always there for her...this is a very special moment, she feels very loved and wanted, she could actually see it in His eyes when W/we were looking at each O/other....Master guiding His slave back down to earth again...such a warm fuzzy feeling throughout this girls body....huge smiles

as this girl sits here writing this, the pain is still radiating down her thighs....as she squeezes them together she feels Master's pain...delicious.

this girl is a very centre and content slut...huge smiles

Saturday, 16 November 2013

Loving her tasks....

over the past couple of days Master has moved this girls training up a notch or two...huge smiles...and this girl is absolutely loving every moment of it...you can read about things this girl has gotten up to over on Master's blog at http://thetrainingofmylovelyslut.blogspot.co.uk   Master also changed the name of His blog to The training of My sexy slave though the link above says different...this girl is honored and over the moon with this...thank you Master.

Master talked about this girl wearing His rope cuffs all night which this girl loved doing...it was amazing to feel Master's control during her night when she wakened from her sleep, but fell back to sleep again immediately, it did feel strange though she will admit to that being unable to move her arms around, or put one's hands under her pillow...smiles...but when she woke up Master was the first person she thought of...smiles

What Master omitted to say in His posting was that He has put this girl onto complete restriction from touching His property, this girl is on permanent orgasm denial anyhow but Master allows this girl to touch His property and edge for Him but not this time, she is only allowed to clean and dry herself, which makes this girl feeling quite hot and horny, this will continue until Master gives her permission to touch herself again....this girl does love this task, she loves to wait with sweet anticipation as to when Master will give her her release and in the meantime she will drive herself silly with the frustration of being unable to touch herself..her fingers want to do a bit of walking....smiles..her hands are tied by an invisible rope so to speak....watch this space!!!!