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Friday, 14 February 2014

why I love to suck cock.....

this girl has been instructed by Master to join CWS which is Cock Worshipping Society....and to join i have to write a blog on Why I love to suck cock... so here goes...smiles When Master and i got together first and we chatted getting to know each others likes and dislikes, mild limits, hard limits, Master told me that His favourite was having His cock sucked and blowing a load into a slutty mouth...well I wanted nothing more than to do that to please Him, i had sucked cock before but never let any onto my tongue or have my mouth filled up but i knew right there and then that i would take Master's load if W/we were ever to get together....well that has happened for U/us and well all i can say it was the ultimate pleasure i could give Him... when W/we first met i was told to present myself a certain way whilst Master sat in a chair just watching me...He then called me over to Him and i crawled over...oh how i have wanted to do that since W/we first started chatting...smiles and i knelt between His legs...always wanted to do that...smiles...and W/we kissed...definitely wanted to do that...smiles....some nice groping and playing.... Master then stood up and i could see His cock straining against His jeans...now i just love seeing that...love seeing the outline and well i was a very happy girl...a fine girth and length on Him...huge smiles...i could not wait to get at Him...i did ask permission to touch His cock and was given that...well i got to work on that fine piece of meat...eating at it through His jeans first at the same time unbuckling His belt...had a little trouble with that so Master assisted me...smiles...that moment pulling His zip down and then His jeans...and seeing that yummy damp patch on His short...i couldnt wait to get my hands on it....pulling them down and seeing that thick cock jumping out just in front of my mouth....i lifted it up and licked from base to head...feeling every ridge in it...licking that yummy pre cum liquid oozing out of the head...my lips covering it, pulling that liquid into my mouth...then that glorious feeling as my lips slide down the shaft....my hands covering it too...feeling my spit and drool covering it...love the feel of it in my hands....Master loves a slurpy noisey blow job and i certainly gave that to Him...love the thought of being attached at the end of His cock...that piece of hardness connecting Master and His slave...giving Him the pleasure of looking down at His slut whilst she worshiped and fed on His cock....sucking hard on Him...with the goal of having Him empty His ballbag into His sluts mouth...the feel of His hands in my hair as He feeds His cock into my slutty mouth..i love how He uses it as a fuck hole....but the best bit is when I clamp my lips over the shaft and feel His cum pulsing up through His cock and filling my mouth, then showing Him His load and for the first time ever i swallowed....that was a huge turn on for both of U/us....i was very pleased with myself that i could do that especially for Master....to do something that He loves and of course so do i now....am practicing now to deepthroat and well that will be definitely next on O/our list of things to do when W/we meet. there is nothing so nice as looking at a limp cock, putting it into ones mouth....all of it....then feeling it grow whilst your tongue plays with it...feeling the softness of it....then as it grows the difference of it...hardness demanding more attention...mmmmmm i loved that Master's cock grew so hard with the attention, love and devotion i gave it..i just adore sucking Him to attention....i just love looking at it standing so proud and erect...i do love looking at a side view of His cock...there is just something so horny and sexy seeing it hard and stiff jutting out, i love the feel of His cum in my mouth...filling it, swirling it around beneath my tongue...and i was so so pleased with myself that i was able to swallow it all, i was worried about maybe i couldnt do it but i did and Master was very proud of His girl as He filled her mouth.... more fun times ahead...smiles

Sunday, 9 February 2014


Hello girlies and guys i was wondering if any of you have a special word that your Master/Dominant says to you that sets you on fire....makes you tingle like nothing else could...sends such delicious and hot images rushing through your mind....Master says this word to me and i can honestly say that it makes me go weak....tingles in places where there should be....mmmmm that word is DEVOUR What's yours????

Sunday, 2 February 2014

Deep throating.....

it has always been a goal of mine to learn how to deep throat...i think it is an amazing skill and i do love to watch a submissive worship her Master's cock like that....am sure all men love having it done to them too or do they???...smiles Master has set me the task of learning to deep throat using a soft dildo....i can honestly say that i have tried and tried to do this...but once it reaches the back of my throat i gag and i just cannot seem to push myself to get it past the gag reflex....i have watched videos, read articles on how to do this but im afraid i may fail this task....so as a last resort i am asking if any of my readers have any ideas or techniques that could help me achieve this task??? in the meantime i will still keep practicing...smiles would love to hear if others have this problem?? or they are skilled in this technique...smiles... maybe we can help each other out...smiles