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Sunday, 31 July 2016


this is something that Master and this girl have experimented a little with and i dont think i left it in long enough to get the full effect from it and i was wondering if any of those in blogland would like to share their experience of having this done....suppose im a little hesitant and scared of doing it but have been thinking about trying it again but would love some feedback from readers...thanks.

Saturday, 16 July 2016


Nyotaimori.....what is it i hear you ask....smiles

its where one's body is turned into a human platter for sushi.....this is something that i have thought about doing next time i am next with Master....its sexy and cool i think......and well Master does love sushi....what do you think?

Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Animal Role Play

I was wondering if any of my readers or lurkers who wish to answer have ever done some Animal Role play.  Animal role-play is a scene in which one or both parties assume animal personas. Most of these scenes involve the submissive becoming an animal in training with the Dominant being in the trainer position. Any animal persona can be taken on though the most popular are that of a dog, cat (domestic and otherwise), horse (or pony), and the beloved pig.....one's  favourite would be the beloved pig...or piggy....Master and this girl havent fully had the fun where this girl would get dirty but she does love to eat from a bowl and get all mucky around her face.  Some Dominants would use this as a type of humiliation play and to a certain point it is but with U/us its more a fun time, she loves nothing more than being called His little 'pork roast' and hear how He wants to devour her....one of her most favourite words 'devour', it is so dark and delicious.....oooo getting carried away.  

Well as one asked at the beginning, does this type of play appeal to anyone else out there.

Saturday, 9 July 2016

Pleasantly surprised


its been quite a while since i wrote anything on my blog and just had a quick look at the stats and was quite pleasantly surprised to see that people are still coming to read and have a look through it....maybe i should get more motivated and write something or share some things that will keep people interested....hhhmmmm need to get motivated again as I have let my blog go really and have actually questioned whether to keep it going or not....have I lost my mojo???