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Monday, 20 January 2014

still here.....

Hello peeps just to say that i am still here....lol....havent fallen off the face of the earth just yet...lol...have been busy doing other things, keeping up with the tasks that Master sets me (well apart from one!!!)....writing in O/our personal blog....just finished a two week punishment for a transgression in failing to complete a task...sighs...but happy days finished it on saturday...huge smiles....my apology has been accepted and now W/we move on...things are wonderful between Master and i so am a very happy slave....W/we are going back to basics and refresh things, e.g. rituals etc...W/we feel its important to do this to keep the relationship healthy...so many little things can be forgot about as other new things are added and those little things are just as important as they helped shaped me in my submission to Master...W/we dont want things just becoming the norm...W/we want them to stay special to U/us....e.g. this girl has her mantra and Master wants her to feel the importance of each word and action....smiles. hope to get back to writing more here and catching up with all that is happening in blogland....hope you are all keeping well.